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We do, too!

We work hard each day to provide comfort and care to hundreds of animals that, for no fault of their own, find themselves homeless, unwanted, abandoned, abused or neglected.

We work to improve the quality of animal welfare in our community by advocating for companion animals - in part by actively seeking appropriate, caring homes for each and every one.

There is an ever-increasing demand to shelter, feed, provide medical attention, and find adoptive homes for the abandoned and abused. The day-to-day care and protection of several hundred animals may not be glamorous, but it is truly a blessing to each and every one of the animals we help!


Since 1948, the Carthage Humane Society has been here to provide:

  • Safe, caring temporary housing homeless companion animals

  • Placement of adoptable animals in responsible homes

  • Reduction in pet over-population by offering education on the advantages of spaying and neutering

Find out how you can get involved in the effort to help animals in Jasper County - and beyond. You can learn more about becoming a volunteer by contacting the shelter at 417-358-6402.

The CHS is a non-profit humane society and animal shelter. It is not endowed by local, state or federal funds, or national humane organizations. It is financially supported primarily from memberships, bequests, adoptions, and gifts from the public, businesses and foundations.

What services do we offer?
Pet adoption and we also offer a perpetual care pet cemetery.

We put the animals first...

If you have experienced the love of an animal, felt the energetic wag of a dog’s tail, or the purr of a contented cat, you know the affection of a pet that’s dedicated to you.

The unconditional love companion animals give us is what makes these creatures such a special part of our lives.

The Carthage Humane Society's mission is to provide a safe haven for animals entrusted to our care as we work to secure their future by promoting responsible pet ownership and serving as a care facility for lost, abandoned and unwanted pets. We want to help make a lasting connection between pets and pet lovers.

Do You Love Animals?

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