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Let prevention come first! We want to care and protect our pets. That's why it's important to keep a collar and identification tags with your name, a local contact number, and an out-of-town friend's or relative's number on your dog or cat at all times.

If your pet is lost, you should visit the shelter during business hours soon and frequently to view intake pets.

No phone calls please as only you can positively identify your pet. 

•  Shelter Address: 13860 Dog Kennel Lane , Carthage, MO 64836

Microchip Technology

The best way to prevent permanent loss is securing your pet safely and using microchip technology. Microchips can be implanted just under the skin of dogs and cats. Veterinary, animal control, animal shelter, and local humane society professionals can then use handheld scanners-just like those used in market checkout lines-to "read" the chips implanted in animals found wandering unsupervised. The microchip provides a unique code for the pet that can then be matched against an identification database. Microchips are made to work throughout the lifetime of a pet-a chip typically lasts at least 25 years. They don't ever need replacing and can't be lost. For more information on microchipping and many other ways to protect your pet, visit .


You must call or email any changes of your address and phone number or change of ownership to your microchip company. Without doing so you cannot be found and your pet can not be returned to you.

Lost and Found Services

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